River Isles @ Edgedale Plains

“I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for KC Carpenter’s performance on the below referenced project. KC Carpenter have been monumental in the success of managing my unit, a new condo development in the North East.

During the past 2 months we have been working very closely with Adrian and I would like to highlight some key factors that stands out for many reasons.

Firstly Adrian’s attention to detail is crucial, as he strives to address all our design aspect, be the mediator and at times translator with the Contractors. Our main objective is to maximise & utilise space without compromising on aesthetic & has to be child friendly.

He listens to our frustrations, and are able to make suggestions accordingly. This was fundamental as we had some major space constraint and we awarded the job to KC Carpenter simply because they took the time to analyse our issue and provided a functional solution.

His attention to customer-service is second to none. He worked tirelessly to keep me posted on the works done be it via SMS or email. He does above & beyond their work scope to provide excellent customer service. Adrian takes the time to listen to our needs, discuss options, make suggestions and ensure that both parties agree on the direction of the carpentry works.  Once the design draft is complete, he conducts follow-up meetings with us to make sure he has met all of our expectations.

I can always count on Adrian to approach every job, no matter how large or small, with professionalism, quality work, and care. I feel confident that when I spot a problem, I don’t have to worry about the outcome; my expectations are always met. Although some of our design work have been complex, I have always trusted that Adrian could get the job done – and I have never been disappointed!

It has been a pleasure to work alongside with you and your team. Thank you for transforming our house into a home.

Sazlina & Todd Kimpton”

KC Carpenter Singapore

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